Yacht Services and Crews

Yacht services and crews make sure that a yacht is operating efficiently, safely, and looks beautiful. They ensure the health and wellbeing of guests, take care of technical and mechanical yacht systems, conduct safety inspections, and maintain crew records. They are also responsible for food and beverage service and can help with itinerary planning.

A captain oversees every aspect of a yacht and its crew. They manage all navigation and communication systems, monitor weather and ocean conditions, and coordinate with harbor officials. The captain may assist with repairs, maintenance and upgrades, and oversee the budget. In addition, they will plan routes and itineraries, perform bridge watches, attend to crew issues and training, and ensure the safe manning of the vessel at all times.

The 1st mate (sometimes called a chief mate or first officer) works directly under the captain to support the entire yacht and its crew. They assist with administrative tasks, manage the deck department and crew, supervise engine repairs and rehauls, conduct regular safety inspections, schedule yacht maintenance and yacht charters, and provide backup for the captain in his or her absence. For more questions and clarifications please visit https://www.oceanlifeyachtservices.com/yacht-boat-delivery-relocation/.

Stewards and stewardesses are the heart of a yacht, providing a luxurious guest experience onboard. They must be able to work in tight spaces for long periods of time, have excellent hospitality skills and are unwaveringly discreet and professional. They are responsible for all interior and exterior yacht maintenance, cleaning and catering services.

Engineers are in charge of maintaining the mechanical and electrical systems onboard. They must be able to read and understand schematics, carry out routine maintenance, supervise repair and rehaul work, and train other engineers as needed. Engineers may also be responsible for supervising the bosun and mate in maintenance projects, including sanding and taping for varnishing, painting, caulking, and filling.

Whether they’re cooking a gourmet meal, washing decks, or entertaining guests, chefs must be able to multitask and prioritize. They are the creative leaders of the crew, and they must be able to respond to the changing needs and desires of guests while managing food, beverage and technical requirements. They must also be able to communicate effectively, have high standards and be self-motivated.

All yachts should have a top-notch medical kit onboard to handle injuries or emergencies. The kit should contain a variety of first aid supplies, medical equipment and emergency medicines to treat minor and major injuries. The crew must know how to use the equipment and what to do if an injury occurs.

This resource was developed in response to a rise in calls and messages to ISWAN’s free, confidential 24-hour helpline Yacht Crew Help from yacht crew experiencing personal and emotional distress and abuse whilst working onboard. ISWAN is committed to improving the welfare of all yacht workers and addressing issues of bullying, harassment and sexual violence. We encourage yacht owners to adopt a preventative approach to crew welfare by implementing safety procedures, providing first aid training and certification, establishing clear communications protocols and conducting regular safety inspections.


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