How a Skilled Child Support Attorney Can Navigate Complex Financial Issues

Even after divorce or separation, the law acknowledges that both parents are obligated to provide financial support for their offspring. Children require funds to cover expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, school supplies, extracurricular activities, and medical expenses.

Our Orlando family lawyers are available to assist you, regardless of whether you are the paying parent seeking to establish child support obligations or the recipient of delinquent child support. Please reach out to us today to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. If you are looking for an experienced Child Support Attorney, visit for guidance and Free Consultation!

Guidelines for Child Support in Florida
Although fundamental child support guidelines are provided by state laws, the courts are granted a significant amount of discretion in determining a fair award. Jennifer Dane Family Law’s attorneys can collaborate with you to guarantee that all pertinent factors are taken into account when formulating a child support order. If the other party is not paying what they are obligated to, we can also provide assistance in pursuing enforcement.

Child support is typically collected on a monthly basis from the paying parent’s income via an Income Withholding Order. In certain instances, support is provided on an ad hoc basis, either as agreed upon by the parties or as ordered by the court. In any case, our Orlando child support attorneys will ensure that all payments are made in compliance with Florida law and the guidelines. Call Davis and Associates at (407) 708-9969 for your Free Consultation with a Family attorney.

Additionally, our organization is capable of managing modifications to existing child support orders. In certain situations, such as a change in either parent’s income or expenses, additional health care costs for the child or parents, or other changes that necessitate the court’s intervention, a modification to a child support order may be appropriate. Whether the current child support amount is appropriate can be determined by an experienced attorney who can assess these alterations.

Are you contemplating a divorce or separation?
The process of obtaining a divorce or legal separation can be exceedingly distressing, particularly when one has children. Our Orlando child support lawyers are here to assist you in resolving these challenging matters and to guarantee that your children’s interests and your own are safeguarded throughout the process.

We are capable of collaborating with you to establish a child support agreement that is both equitable and cost-effective. You can rely on our Orlando attorneys to advocate for your rights with vigor and to be compassionate toward the emotional difficulties associated with a divorce or separation. We will strive to ensure that the process is as stress-free and seamless as feasible. Need a lawyer? Contact The 850-Call-JOE Law Firm; we are available to assist you. We have been Lead Counsel verified, which indicates that we have successfully completed a thorough background check and are in good standing with the bar association in your state. We have assisted numerous parents in Central Florida with their child custody concerns and are capable of assisting you as well. Call us today at 850-Call-JOE to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation. We will dedicate the necessary time to attentively attend to your inquiries and provide responses. You can trust that we will equitably and professionally represent you.


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